Jenkins Crash/Error

In Openshift you can use the Pipeline build strategy that allows developers to define a Jenkins pipeline for execution by the Jenkins pipeline plugin. The build can be started, monitored, and managed by OpenShift Container Platform in the same way as any other build type.

Providing the Jenkinsfile

You can provide the Jenkinsfile in one of two ways:

  1. Embed the Jenkinsfile in the build configuration.

  1. Include in the build configuration a reference to the Git repository that contains the Jenkinsfile.


When providing a BuildConfig with a embedded Jenkins file with a reference to a Jenkins Shared Library @Library('jenkins-pipeline-library') _, I get the following error when loading the jenkins-pipeline-library@master:


In the Jenkins configuration, section Global Pipeline Libraries, you have to turn on ‘Load implicitly’. It seems that the line with @Library('jenkins-pipeline-library') _ is not enough when you set source:type:None in your BuildConfig.


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